National Alert Registry Affiliate Program

We are offering merchants the opportunity to promote the National Alert Registry Registered Sex Offender Registry on their websites with help from the folks at Harris Digital Publishing. In order to re-sell the National Alert Registry service, you must be signed up with the Harris Digital Publishing group. The National Alert Registry and Harris Digital Publishing are two independently owned and operated companies. However, Harris Digital is working with National Alert Registry to make this affiliate program available to you.

Affiliate Payout

The National Alert Registry is a great recurring revenue opportunity, and the best part, the first rebill is charged the very next day. You do not need to wait 30 days to get paid on recuring sales.

We currently have affiliates who get paid for hundreds of sales a month!

The National Alert Registry affiliate program pays on a sliding scale. The more an affiliate sells, the the greater the payout per sale. You can achieve the top payout by simply selling three maps a day.

National Alert Registry Affiliate Commissions
Sales per month 0-20 21-60 61-90 Over 90
Every New Map Sale
36% 40% 44%


PLUS Bonus Commissions
Sales per month 0-20 21-60 61-90 Over 90
Every New Email Alert Subscriber
Second Tier Commission:
2nd Tier - New Map Sale
2nd Tier - Email Alert Subscriber
New commissions levels are set once the minimum is met. No going back to lower original levels.

EXAMPLE Affiliate Payout

If you make just 25 sale and half of them opt in to the "Red Alert" program, you have made $102.50 the first month, plus $25.00 each additional month your sales retain the recurring memberships.

If you can do this every month for six months, you will make $990; do it over 12 months and you have made $2,880.00, just for making 25 sales a month, less than one a day (View the payout chart).

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Qualifying sales will count toward the total sales during the calendar month in which such sales are made. Only sales to new customers, for which National Alert Registry has received full payment, will qualify for the specified referral fee.

The total of such sales in any given month will generate referral fees, based upon the applicable flat rate referral fee, in accordance with the schedule shown above.


This agreement describes the entire terms and conditions for participation in the Harris Digital Publishing Affiliate Program. In this agreement, the term "Participant" refers to you (the applicant), and "sponsoring website" refers to the website from which you will link to the Harris Digital Publishing product(s) that you choose to sell. The term "Harris Digital Publishing" refers to both the products and to Harris Digital Publishing Group.

You can add or remove links any time you wish
You may add as many links to Harris Digital Publishing, or remove such links, at any time and without prior approval from Harris Digital Publishing.

Referral Fee for Qualifying Sales
Certain software sold by Harris Digital Publishing originating from a special link at your sponsoring website qualify to earn you referral fees. The following sales will be considered "qualifying sales":

Sales that meet the following criteria
Sales to customers who follow a link from your sponsoring website to our site and submit that order by using the Harris Digital Publishing product order forms, or snail mail address.

The following sales do not qualify for referral fees
Sales originating through any other special link to our web site(s) other than the specific URL that you are assigned.

Payment of Referral Fee
Harris Digital Publishing will send a referral fee check for the applicable referral fee on approximately the 7th of each calendar month.

The Participant can check the status of commissions earned at any time by visiting the site at:

Policy on Returns and Cancellations
If a refund for a qualifying sale is requested by a customer its referral fee will be deducted from the next monthly payment sent to the Participant. If there is no next monthly payment, the Participant will be billed.

Delivery and Order Processing
Harris Digital Publishing will be solely responsible for processing every order placed by a customer following a special link (see note) from the sponsoring website. Order entry will use the Harris Digital Publishing secure online ordering and delivery systems or Harris Digital Publishing mailing address. Order forms, payment processing, shipping, cancellations, returns, and related customer service are the responsibility of Harris Digital Publishing.

All of the rules, operating procedures and policies of Harris Digital Publishing regarding customer orders and accounts will apply to orders we receive through special links on your sponsoring website. Harris Digital Publishing reserves the right to reject any order at its sole discretion.

NOTE: New Affiliates planning to distribute promotions to external lists via e-mail must receive prior approval from our Associate Director of Affiliate Relations, Pam White, via our Affiliate Support Form.

Sales Reporting
Harris Digital Publishing shall be solely responsible for tracking sales we make to customers who follow special links from the sponsoring website. In the event of any dispute the records of Harris Digital Publishing shall control. Statements of book sales activity will be available to the Participant at all reasonable times.

Personal information about specific customers will not be provided to the Participant.

Copyrighted material
Participant is solely responsible for ensuring that your reviews, and descriptions comply with all applicable copyright and other laws and shall hold Harris Digital Publishing harmless for any violations thereof.

Customers of Harris Digital Publishing
Every customer who purchases a Harris Digital Publishing program is deemed to be a customer of Harris Digital Publishing. Harris Digital Publishing is not responsible for any representations made by the Participant which contradict our policies.

Pricing and Availability
Harris Digital Publishing shall establish all prices. In case of any price discrepancies, the price charged to the customer will always be the price listed on the Harris Digital Publishing product webpage linked from your sponsoring website.

Operation of Website and Processing
Harris Digital Publishing will make all reasonable efforts to keep its website operational. However, certain technical difficulties may, from time to time, result in temporary service interruptions. Harris Digital Publishing shall not be liable for any of the consequences of service interruptions, which may occur.

Referral Fees earned during the term of this agreement shall be adjusted, by charge back against fees earned, to reflect any cancelled orders (orders revoked before fulfillment) refunds or returns.

Modification and Cancellation
Harris Digital Publishing reserves the right to change any of the terms and conditions in this agreement, at any time and in its sole discretion, by posting said new terms on this website. Said modifications shall be deemed accepted by participant unless notice of termination is delivered to Harris Digital Publishing within 24 hrs.

Either party, acting in their sole discretion, may choose to cancel this agreement at any time by written notice of cancellation to the other.

Harris Digital Publishing makes no warranties, representations or conditions with regard to the program or, except as expressly set forth herein.

Damage Limitation
Harris Digital Publishing shall have no liability for any indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages or any loss of revenue or profits arising under or with respect to this agreement or the program. In addition, Harris Digital Publishing’s aggregate liability arising under or with respect to this agreement or the program shall in no event exceed total referral fees paid or payable to Participant under this agreement.

Independent Contractors
Participant and Harris Digital Publishing are independent contractors and nothing in this agreement is intended to or will create any form of partnership, joint venture, agency, franchise, sales representative or employment relationship between the parties. Participant shall not assign this Agreement, by operation of law or otherwise, without the prior written consent of Harris Digital Publishing.

The IRS requires that a W9 be filed after $600.00 of commissions have been paid in a calendar year. Once you have reached the $600.00 thresh hold a W9 must be filed with our company in order for us to release any commissions.

Certain forms of indiscriminate advertising, commonly referred to as "spamming", are unacceptable as they could cause damage to our brand name. Prohibited forms of advertising include the use of unsolicited commercial e-mail (UCE), postings to non-commercial newsgroups and cross-posting to multiple newsgroups at once. In addition, Participants may not advertise in any way that effectively conceals or misrepresents their identity, their domain name or their return e-mail address. Mailings are acceptable only as long as the recipient is already a customer or subscriber to the Participant's services, and recipients must have the option to remove themselves from future mailings. Newsgroup postings are acceptable only in newsgroups that specifically welcome commercial messages; when in doubt, consult the newsgroup FAQ or moderators to be sure that such a message is acceptable in that newsgroup. Participants must also clearly represent themselves and their web sites as independent entities from Harris Digital Publishing.

In any forum or media, Participants are expected to honor the advertising practices and restrictions that are commonly considered acceptable by its readers. Failure to honor this code of conduct can result in immediate termination of a Participant’s account as well as forfeiture of commissions gained through such activity.

Affiliate agrees not to use any predatory advertising methods in the promotion of Harris Digital Publishing products, services or affiliate program. Predatory advertising is defined as any method that creates or changes links or banners on web sites without the expressed permission of that web site owner. Participation in predatory advertising programs will be cause for the affiliate's immediate termination and the freezing of any funds due.

Effective October 15, 2002 the following amendments are incorporated:

Minimum pay out for sales shall be $25 for any one month. Sales shall accumulate until earned commissions reach that level, at which time check shall be issued.

In the even litigation shall occur to enforce any of the provisions of this agreement, or to terminate any rights granted hereunder, the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover reasonable attorneys fees from the other party. Legal jurisdiction for the enforcement of this agreement shall be the state of Florida.

Governing Law
This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the state of Florida, USA.

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FREE Offender Search
(takes less than 5 seconds)

The U.S. Congress has passed several laws that require states to monitor child offenders; the Wetterling Registration Act, the Lychner Tracking and Identification Act and Megan's Law.

On March 5, 2003, The Supreme Court ruled that information about registered sex offenders may be posted on the Internet.


Information on registered SexOffenders are available and you have the right to access it, The problem is that locating that information can be very difficult.

In most instances, you have to know the name of the individual you are looking for, and in many States you must go to your police station and complete a request form. Additionally, some states have a fee and limit individuals to viewing only two registered sex offender names at a time.

The Solution:

The Registered child offenders list offered by National Alert Registry. Now in the privacy of your home, you can view information about all registered sex offenders in your area, including how close they reside to your own home and your children, all displayed on a convenient map of your neighborhood.

Our free service provides the number of sexual predators in your neighborhood. If you wish, you can then purchase the National Alert Registry service, which includes a detailed map of your neighborhood and the locations and backgrounds or the registered sexoffenders.

5 Tips To Keep Kids Safe from Sex Predators

1. Teach them to avoid strangers.

2. Teach them what types of behavior are innapropriate from adults and peers.

3. Designate safe areas in your neighborhoods and point out potentially dangerous houses, parks or areas.

4. Let your kids know they can talk to you about anything - even sexual abuse.

5. Create a system so that your kids will never take a ride with a stranger claiming to be a friend of the family.

For more tips on these and other important child safety tips look for the childrens Safe From Harm Video.