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Identify Sex Offenders living in your State

Visit the sex offender registry for your state by click the link found below.

State registries located in the Northwest U.S.

Alaska: Alaska sexual predator listings

Idaho: Idaho sexual predator listings

Montana: Registered Montana sexual offenders list

Oregon: Registered Oregon sexual offenders list

Washington: Washington sex offender state registry

Wyoming: Registered Wyoming sexual offenders list


Southeast Sexual Offenders

Northeast Sexual Offenders

Southwest Sexual Offenders

Midwest Sexual Offenders



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5 Tips To Keep Kids Safe from Sexual Predators

1. Teach them to avoid strangers.

2. Teach them what types of behavior are innapropriate from adults and peers.

3. Designate safe areas in your neighborhoods and point out potentially dangerous houses, parks or areas.

4. Let your kids know they can talk to you about anything - even sexual abuse.

5. Create a system so that your kids will never take a ride with a stranger claiming to be a friend of the family.

For more tips vist our special section on Protecting Your Children from Child Predators.

Mississippi Offender Search Database

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