Mississippi Sex Offenders

Mississippi Sex Offenders Law states that sex offenders in the state must register their information. Registration occurs upon reentry into the society for convicted offenders. The state’s Department of Public Safety is in charge of this registration.

Sex offenders have 3 days to register their information upon release from jail/correction facility. Sex offenders on probation or parole must register immediately after their court sentence.

Sex offenders convicted in another state but have the intent to work, attend school, or move to Mississippi must register in the state. Offenders must notify the state’s Department of Public Safety 10 days before entering the state.

Sex offenders must also inform the Department of Public Safety of any changes to their registered information.

Duration of registration depends on the nature of sex crime. Offenders in Mississippi must reregister in person after every 90 days. Offenders must also inform the state police if he intends to work with minors.

The law protects the residents of Mississippi from sex offenders. It aims at reducing recidivism amongst convicted sex offenders in the state.

Mississippi Sex Offender Registry

Mississippi sex offender’s registry is in charge of the state’s sex offender database. The state’s Department of Public Safety is in charge of the registry. The Registry ensures that the information on sex offenders in the state is correct and up to date.

Mississippi Sex Offender Facts


  • There are 8,143 registered sex offenders in Mississippi

Top Offenses

  • Sexual Battery
  • Touching of a child or a mentally defective, incapacitated or physically helpless person for lustful purposes
  • Rape and carnal knowledge of a child under fourteen years of age
  • Statutory rape;
  • Exploitation of children

Counties in Mississippi with the highest number of offenders:

  • Hinds County
  • Harrison County
  • Rankin County
  • Jackson County
  • Lauderdale County
Zip Codes in Mississippi with the highest number of offenders:
  • 39208
  • 39503
  • 39401
  • 39209
  • 39301
  • 39451
  • 38701
  • 39212
  • 39180
  • 39194
Nearby States:
Mississippi Sex Crimes Requiring Offender Registration
  • Kidnapping (if the victim was below the age of 18) - MISS. CODE ANN. § 97-3-53 (West 2008).

  • Statutory rape (except conviction or adjudication under MISS. CODE ANN. 97-3-65(1)(a) (West 2008), when the offender was 18 years of age or younger at the time of the alleged offense, is not be a registrable sex offense) - MISS. CODE ANN. § 97-3-53 (West 2008).

  • Rape; assault with intent to ravish - MISS. CODE ANN. § 97-3-71 (West 2008).

  • Sexual battery (except, conviction or adjudication under Section 97-3-95(1) (c), when the offender was 18 years of age or younger at the time of the alleged offense, is not be a registrable sex offense) - MISS. CODE ANN. § 97-3-95 (West 2008).

  • Enticing child for concealment, prostitution or marriage - MISS. CODE ANN. § 97-5-5 (West 2008).

  • Touching, handling, etc., child, mentally defective or incapacitated person or physically helpless person MISS. CODE ANN. § 97-5-23 (West 2008).

  • Dissemination of sexually oriented material to persons under eighteen years of age; use of a computer to lure or inducing persons under eighteen years of age to engage in sexual contact - MISS. CODE ANN. § 97-5-27 (West 2008).

  • Exploitation of children - Miss. Code Ann. § 97-5-33 (West 2008).

  • Carnal knowledge of step or adopted child; carnal knowledge of child by cohabitating partner -

  • MISS. CODE ANN. § 97-5-41 (West 2008).

  • Unnatural intercourse - MISS. CODE ANN. § 97-29-59 (West 2008).

  • Attempt to commit any of the above-referenced offenses.

  • Adultery or fornication between teacher and pupil - MISS. CODE ANN. § 97-29-3 (West 2008).

  • Any other offense resulting in a conviction in another jurisdiction, whether state, federal or military, which, if committed in this state, would be deemed to be such a crime without regard to its designation elsewhere.

  • Any offense resulting in a conviction in another jurisdiction, whether state, federal or military, for which registration is required in the jurisdiction where the conviction was had

Information maintained in Mississippi Sex Offender Registry

MISS. CODE ANN. § 45-33-25 (West 2008)

(2) Any person required to register under this chapter shall submit the following information at the time of registration:

  1. Name, including a former name which has been legally changed;

  2. Street address of all current permanent and temporary residences within state or out of state

  3. Date, place and address of employment;

  4. Crime for which convicted;

  5. Date and place of conviction, adjudication or acquittal because of insanity;

  6. Aliases used;

  7. Social security number;

  8. Date and place of birth;

  9. Age, race, sex, height, weight, hair and eye colors, and any other physical description or identifying factors

  10. A brief description of the offense or offenses for which the registration is required

  11. Driver's license or state identification card number, which license or card may be electronically accessed by the Department of Public Safety;

  12. Anticipated future residence;

  13. If the registrant's residence is a motor vehicle, trailer, mobile home or manufactured home, the registrant shall also provide vehicle identification number, license tag number, registration number and a description, including color scheme, of the motor vehicle, trailer, mobile home or manufactured home: if the registrant's place of residence is a vessel or houseboat, the registrant shall also provide the hull identification number, manufacturer's serial number, name of the vessel or houseboat, registration number and a description, including color scheme, of the vessel or houseboat;

  14. Vehicle make, model, color and license tag number;

  15. Offense history;

  16. Photograph;

  17. Fingerprints and palm prints;

  18. Documentation of any treatment received for any mental abnormality or personality disorder of the person;

  19. Biological sample;

  20. Name of any public or private educational institution, including any secondary school, trade or professional institution or institution of higher education at which the offender is employed, carries on a vocation (with or without compensation) or is enrolled as a student, and the registrant's status;

  21. Copy of conviction or sentencing order for the sex offense for which registration is required;

  22. The offender's parole, probation or supervised release status and the existence of any outstanding arrest warrants;

  23. Every online identity, screen name or username used, registered or created by a registrant; and

  24. Any other information deemed necessary.

Community Notification and Websites

MISS. CODE ANN. § 45-33-49 (West 2008)

(1) Records maintained under this chapter shall be open to law enforcement agencies which shall be authorized to release relevant and necessary information regarding sex offenders to the public.

(4) Upon written request, the department may also provide to any person the:

  • name,

  • address, photograph, if available,

  • date of photograph,

  • place of employment,

  • crime for which convicted,

  • date and place of conviction of any registrant,

  • hair, eye color,

  • height,

  • race,

  • sex and

  • date of birth of

  • Any registrant and any other information deemed necessary for the protection of the public.

Additionally, the department may utilize an internet website or other electronic means to release the information.

Limitations on Residency or Employment


MISS. CODE ANN. §§ 43-15-305 & 43-15-307 (West 2008)

Registered sex offenders are prohibited from owning, operating, working for, or volunteering at a childcare service. MISS. CODE ANN. § 45-33-25(4) (West 2008).

As of July 1, West 2008, sex offenders may not establish residence within 1500 feet of a public or nonpublic elementary or secondary school or childcare facility. However, this restriction does not apply to persons living within 1500 of a school or child care facility before July 1, West 2008 or to minors or wards.

Duration of Registration

MISS. CODE ANN. § 45-33-47 (West 2008)

(2)(a) 10 years for sex offenders not subject to lifetime registration.

(2)(b) Life for offenders convicted of:

  • Rape;

  • Rape and assault with intent to ravish;

  • Sexual battery;

  • Sexual exploitation of children; or

  • Carnal knowledge of a stepchild adopted child or child of cohabiting partner.

(2)(d) Life for:

  • Offenders with two separate convictions for registrable offenses;

  • Offenders deemed sexual predators or sexually violent predators; or

  • Offenders twice adjudicated delinquent for rape or sexual battery.

Timeframe for Registration

Within 30 days of release; 45 days of establishing residence; 45 days of changing the address

Applies to Offenders Convicted in another State?


Verification of Address


Penalties for Non-Compliance

If convicted of a felony $1500 to $5000 fine and 1 to 5 years imprisonment; if convicted of a misdemeanor-$100 to $1000 fine or 3 months to 1-year imprisonment

What does a Sex Offender Look Like?

Most people think sexual predators are scary-looking and creepy. But three out of four adolescents who were sexually assaulted were victimized by someone they knew well.

Most of the time, sexual predators look like regular people. Children and parents need to know and to understand that anyone can be a sexual predator, no matter how "normal" they appear.

Encouraging Children to Share

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Building an open and welcoming environment from the beginning stages of a child's life is essential. Children are less intimidated and more likely to discuss issues and topics in their lives with an open and supportive environment.

Getting your kids to share serves as a building block for times when your child needs to discuss pressing issues like sex and sexual abuse.

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